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Later, he started writing on psychology and science in The Atlantic, Big Think, The New York Times and The New Yorker, which I also read from time to time.

He later wrote his first book, How to Think Like Mastermind Sherlock, and became a bestseller in The New York Times. Kunnikova tells him that his father had read Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books as a child and then read his entire series. Konnikova points out the importance of reading Fiction (in English, they are called novels and stories, they have a fabricated meaning.)

“I’m telling this to everyone … I think if you only read information-based (you understand textbooks), you are living a poor life … I think the best psychologists are actually fiction writers. Their understanding of the human mind is far beyond what we have achieved as a science with psychology. You need careful experimentation, but you also need to take a step back and realize that fiction writers see it with a broader perspective and can offer you ideas and even ideas for your work. “

We met Caterina through Strava (an application that can share running, swimming and cycling). He lived in İzmir and was studying his doctorate on wetlands anthropology through Yeşilırmak and Gediz Delta with the financial support of MIT University. We started training together. We were running from creek to hill. These exercises would be a kind of brainstorming. In 2015, we were going to run in Iznik Ultra in Iznik, those women would be first at 45 km and I would be second in the age group at 135 km. Then, in the first year of Kaçkar Ultra, I would be the second in the women who would make it again, and I would just finish it. Then 2016 Aladağlar Skyrunning will be the second in those women who will run and I will finish. She then be transported to America for the doctor, but to entertain every summer came from our her home in Turkey really got to say the very mountain to say very pleasant house because it comes’re going to certainly jogging (this year, his wife came to Benjemin’l and if I could not do crash Nife We were going to go out, we will be out next year :))

The only child of a middle-income Italian family for Caterina, he studied first high school in England, then Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics and received a master’s degree in Boğaziçi. She knows English and Turkish very well and writes English very well. He has beautiful eyes big enough to see everything and a big smile that brings movement to his environment. These days they are doing in Turkey for holidays and folding bike with which they carry with them.

Dear friend Caterina Scaremell Turkey’s Wetlands finished his doctorate at MIT on Anthropology. She taught at Amherst University last year and is one of the smartest women I know who will work at Yale University next academic year. In one of his speech she explained that when she was very young, her father had read The Lord of the Rings to her at breakfast. When we corresponded to get his permission while writing this article, I asked him if his wife Ben’s family also read a book when he was a child. Benjamin is a Harvard graduate and studies of Indian History and lecturer at Boston University. Yes, his parents used to read Micheal Ende’s Never Ending Stories when he was little. If you want your child to study at Harvard or MIT (or a good university), don’t let them watch TV as a kid (don’t let them hang on to social media) read a book, have them read.

Let’s go back to Maria Kunnikova. Maria Kunnikova most recently wrote her second book, The Confidence Game, which becomes a bestseller.

His interest in poker, which he met while reading the John Von Neumann Game Theory book for his new book, and his 42nd place in a poker tournament held in Monte Carlo in 2017, respectively, and then the best in America with a tournament held in Texas last week, and Winning the prize of 90 thousand dollars. Prior to that, he agreed with Erik Seidel, a poker master, to watch him play the game, and to become a poker coach (the premise that there must be good teachers that I mentioned above).

If you don’t want to be one of the imbeciles who live in the safe waters of slacking and laziness and criticize everything – first of all for myself, because according to Einstein it may be the end of space, but it is doubtful that stupidity is finite – always devote time to your education – no matter age); Practice the correct thinking parameters, managing your emotions, and being able to focus on something. Konnikova likens focus to muscle exercises in one article; The more you practice, the more your muscles and focus will improve.

Otherwise, you will see the origin of all imbecility in your life as a game of external forces and live like a leech in the wicked waters of slacking.

* Affected by the propaganda experienced in the Soviet Union, Konnikova’s parents decided to live without a television.

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